About us

  Owner Matthieu Petit
Making croquettes started as a joke that got out of hand. Floris, the maker and creator of most croquettes and his brother Jasper are from a well-known catering family.
They have had several restaurants and have extensive experience. Their father was a well-known chef. They devised and worked out the recipe for the croquettes together with their father. Father Van der Zwan made the sauces and together they made the recipes for the croquettes.
When a number of different croquettes were made and the small-scale and manual production process went well, Floris focused on production and brother Jasper on sales via Het Kroket Loket. The first location started in 2016 in the Haagse Papestraat, which later moved to the much busier location at Korte Poten 23a. Matthieu Petit stepped in in 2018 and has been sole owner since 2020. Since 2020, there has been a branch in the Rotterdam Markthal and there is a real croquette food truck.
In the Market Hall it is a coming and going of local residents, groups of colleagues from surrounding offices and also many tourists from countries all over the world. When they are in the Netherlands they want to try typical Dutch food. And the croquette sandwich, together with the herring and the stroopwafel belong in the top 3.